Lisa Kudryavtseva

г. Верхняя Пышма
Verkhnyaya Pyshma

The girl and her family do hard work seven days a week. This family used to fight hard against disease and with optimism. New achievements will appear, if you help Lisa a little!

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From the early childhood, Lisa Kudryavtseva faced a difficult task: to defeat cerebral palsy. A complex hyperkinetic form of the disease, a threat of epilepsy, all this introduced additional complications. “We work without days off,” the little girl’s mother smiled. Such work could not fail to bring results!

At the age of two years Lisa learned the alphabet, she learned to read by the age of three. Now her favorite subject is mathematics. She already produces all arithmetic operations with two-digit numbers, and, ahead of the school program, knows the multiplication table. The fact that Lisa does not yet know how to speak and can pronounce only individual sounds does not prevent her from talking to her relatives and strangers.

“We learned the alphabet by the cards. Then I began to type words on the computer, paste them on cardboard and use them as benefits, – mother said. “We got acquainted with every word, then I scattered 100 cards on the floor, called one and my daughter quickly found it.”

Today, unfortunately for the family, reading does not belong to Lisa’s favorite occupations. A smart, slightly capricious and stubborn little girl had a new dream: to learn how to dance. Watching on the TV the bright concert numbers, she sometimes looks with excitement at mom and dad. I must be among these artists!

 “And we reply to the daughter that she will certainly learn to stand first, then walk, and then dance,” the woman shared.

Lessons in a specialized school – in class and at home, drawing, modeling, training, – this is only part of daily activities. At home – mandatory one and a half hours of kinesiotherapy and exercise therapy, speech therapy, the development of large and fine motor skills and, of course, walks. Award for good study and diligent behavior – trips to the pool and the zoo on weekends.

“I, after many experts, think that these children need to be carefully taught even the simplest movements,” Mom said. – For example, to make a step, you must first put your foot forward. We, healthy people, understand this, and children with such problems do not. ”

It is better to control your body – hippotherapy will also help in achieving this goal. The equipment will strengthen those muscles that can’t be activated in any other way. We ask you to help in buying it. The equipment costs 62 900 rubles.

Liza Kudryavtseva NEEDS YOU!

Collected 300 of 62 900 RUR
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