Ksenia Sviridova

Волгоградская область, г. Краснослободск
Volgograd Region, Krasnoslobodsk

The girl has problems with locomotor system, but in spite of it, she entered a usual school. However, Ksenia needs a wheelchair.

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When the winter starts, a fairy tale comes in the house of the Sviridovs. Every year in December, Maxim and Ksenia together write letters to Santa Claus. Some years ago, it was their mother who wrote their wishes. Now schoolchildren, 9-year-old twins, themselves diligently write letters, as in the classroom, sometimes looking at the neighbor. This year Maxim wants supergun for New Year, and Ksenia – toy polar bear. However, the main, cherished dream of these children remains unchanged: every New Year they dream to wake up healthy.

“The news about pregnancy was the happiest event of my life,” Ksenia and Maxim’s mother says. “When I found out that there were two children, I thought my happiness would never end, I always dreamed about a big family! However, the children hurried to see their mother: they were born in poor condition earlier than expected and with a shared diagnosis – “ICP”.

Despite the fact that Ksenia cannot walk and sit on her own, she is very active: she crawls, talks, plays snooker, jumps on a trampoline, and do all of this lying down. Having skipped a nursery school, Ksenia dreamed to go to school with her brother. The wish came true two years ago: the girl became a student of the 1st grade of general education school.

Ksenia needs a comfortable wheelchair to go to school comfortably, go to rehabilitation and just move around the city. The equipment costs 191,900 roubles. The mother supports her two children with retirement benefit and compensation; she cannot raise money for a wheelchair.

Ksenia Sviridova NEEDS YOU!

Collected 44 500 of 191 900 RUR
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