Ksenia Pustynnikova

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Ksenia can’t walk by herself, because she has a rare genetic disease. Wheelchair with electric drive will help the girl to be more self confident.

Collected 117 467 of 200 000 RUR

The experts from different cities tried to understand the reasons why little Ksyusha could not walk. From the very first day the baby tried to do everything herself. She did not like when her relatives took her in the arms or rocked – she preferred to stay alone in a baby crib. To get what she wants without the help of relatives, Ksusha even learned to crawl earlier than she was 6 months old. Moving quickly on the elbows around the house, the fidgeting managed to tear off a piece of wallpaper in one room, and in the other – to paint the same wallpaper.

“It all started with the fact that at a routine examination at the age of one year the pediatrician paid attention to Ksyusha’s legs. They were weaker than necessary; the support was very uncertainly. The first signs were diagnosed with cerebral palsy. But after the examination, neurologists did not confirm the diagnosis. The doctors again began to look for the cause of muscle weakness and suggested making a genetic analysis. The results of the study became a turning point for all of the family: Ksenia confirmed a rare disease – “spinal muscular atrophy” “, says Ksenia’s mother.

The danger of the disease, the medicine from which is not yet produced in Russia, in the weakness of all muscles: not only the hands, legs and back, but also internal organs suffer. The activity of the lungs and the heart can decrease every year. Despite a huge number of risks, Mom and Dad Ksyusha were able to give their special daughter an ordinary childhood. The girl now cannot walk and crawl, but she enjoys visiting the kindergarten. Together with her mother, the baby goes to her first friends every day.

One way to give Ksyusha the opportunity to move independently is a wheelchair with an electric drive. The girl will be able to drive her vehicle with the joystick. Ksyusha has already tried herself in the role of helmsman and now she only dreams about a new wheelchair. However, the family cannot fulfill this dream without your help: to acquire equipment it is necessary to collect 200,000 rubles.

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Collected 117 467 of 200 000 RUR
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