Ksenia Peryazina


Doctors are shocked when they see a wheelchair of the girl. However, the girl’s relatives can’t buy new one. We ask you to help!

Collected 68 153 of 200 000 RUR

“Will Ksyusha go out for a walk?” – in the girl’s apartment small neighbors of the yard often call with such a question in the evenings. The guys gladly take a disabled friend to any games. How can a child who does not walk join, for example, a walk? Very simply, decided a kind and resourceful little company: someone will go, and someone will roll Ksyusha in the wheel-chair.

New entertainments are discussed every day in the children’s society, with noise and fun; they are especially happy when someone brings a cat or dog. “Recently, even a ferret was brought! That was a joy!” – the girl’s mother smiled.

The daughter returns from walks with light and upbeat mood, which recently almost does not leave the house of Ksenia. The fact is that the disease, which did not allow the development of movements and speech, began to gradually recede. The girl became more confident to hold her head, to lean on her hands. The first syllables and words appeared; the motor skills became better, and the spark of joy from receiving new knowledge gleams in the eyes. It is true: to pronounce the “mother” word is not yet possible for the girl, but easily goes “Katya” – that’s the name of the godmother.

Not so long ago, Ksenia took a fancy in washing and brushing her teeth. “It’s strange, usually children do not have this kind of thing,” someone will say. The whole secret is that reading books should follow this. And a little lover of fairy tales demands to choose the longest stories to prolong pleasure.

After each trip from her native Primorye to distant St. Petersburg – that’s where the rehabilitation center was found, where they managed to find a method of treatment for Ksyusha – she comes back with new achievements.

“My daughter is a real miracle,” Mom said. – She, like any child, loves sweets and cartoons, but we often see that she looks like completely grown-up. Now we have more and more improvements, but there is a serious problem that we ourselves can not cope with. We need a special wheel-chair. “

The cost of the necessary equipment is 200,000 rubles. We will help the girl to achieve new successes in treatment!

Ksenia Peryazina NEEDS YOU!

Collected 68 153 of 200 000 RUR
Donations collection finished. Thank you for your support!

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