Kirill Kalinichenko

г. Березовский

Kirill helps other people to find the meaning of life in spite of cerebral palsy. An optimistic boy needs a special equipment to take another step towards recovery.

Collected 11 752 of 95 190 RUR

Svetlana watched her neighbor’s discharge from the hospital from the chamber window, barely restraining tears. On the long-awaited holiday with bouquets of flowers, colourful balloons and, of course, the smiles of the family, she has been dreaming, perhaps, all 9 months. What could be more desirable than introducing your beloved husband and now your eldest son to a new member of the family, their Kirill? The family had to delay the holiday for many months: the baby left the hospital, but only in order to move to another hospital.

After the experienced stress, Kirill’s body failed. When Svetlana and her son were at home, the whole family began to rehabilitate the baby. Time passed and Kirill did not learn to sit by the age of one, he only made a few sounds and only smiled at the attempts of his parents to put a rattle in his hand.

“When the neurologist said:” Cerebral palsy “, – I just fell silent. Yes, I saw that my son had a problem, but the hope was that it was only a temporary inhibition. I had to ask questions, run to other specialists, conduct additional examinations, and I just did not say anything. Shock and misunderstanding – for what is so with my son, he is not guilty of anything, “– says Kirill’s mother.

A verdict of doctors was followed by a series of tragedies in the family: just a couple of months later, Kirill’s father died, and then his grandmother. The eldest son went to serve in the army, and Svetlana was left alone with her disabled son and the most severe all-consuming depression. It was Kirusha, not a therapist, who made her live and again taught her to rejoice every day. The boy smiled, looking at his mother, and tried, crouching on his back, to crawl closer just to hug. Together they have been fighting for life for 8 years already. Kirill can already sit with support, but in order to take the first steps, he needs daily training. A specialized verticalizer costs 95,190 rubles, it will help him to achieve the results. The opportunity to work in the family has only the eldest son, who has become the only breadwinner after the death of Svetlana’s husband.

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Collected 11 752 of 95 190 RUR
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