Kirill Grekhov

г. Березовский, Свердловская область
Berezovsky (Sverdlovsk region)

The boy needs a specialized wheelchair. We can help him!

Collected 73 220 of 199 950 RUR

Any emotion cause a new attack of disease of Kyrill Grekhov. From a smile, lough, disappointment or stress on his legs his tone sharply rises and in a  moment he becomes “stony”. This is a manifestation of ICP, which the boy and all his family have been fighting for several years.

“My son was born very prematurely”, shares his mother. “Oxygen insufficiency cause multiplicity of problems, but we don’t want to give in and hope for success”.

At the moment, Kyrill can only utter a few words, but gradually leanred to repeat various sounds and imitate movements, by diversifying his vocabulary with, a gesture like “I am the boss at home!”

“Someday we showed this gesture of banging on the table with  our fist, to mean, it is me, who is the main man. – And now my son, is 100% sure that it is him the boss. He doesn’t forget to remind this to us with that important and sure bang on the table.”

By calling Kyrill the boos, his parents confessed that the entire daily schedule, all their life is almost around their younger prince. And he can’t do without his royal caprice, of course. In these cases, adults have to be firm and strict, refuse from persuasions and stand his stubbornness and tears. Infantile disagreement avalanche fades away quickly and with his relative he returns to his usual state of a “golden” boy.

His parents do not forget the other part of his treatment: development of motoric skills. According to doctors, he boy’s legs a difficult to deal with  for correction, and they need constant work/ Crawling owing to the shoulder belt and hands, sits firmly – are the recent learning successes of Kyril’s arsenal.

“These achievements were results of hard work, and it is difficult to select something from everyday things,” shares his mother. “We take him for treatment regularly, work at home, patiently labour to get our son become more independent.”

Everybody can help Kyrill in his way to independence and comfort. His old wheel chair-cane is now small for him and he cannot duly fix his uncontrollable body in it. A special piece of equipment would help us take our son to walks and treatment course. It costs 199 950 roubles.

Kyrill Grekhov NEEDS YOU!

Collected 73 220 of 199 950 RUR
Donations collection finished. Thank you for your support!

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