Kirill Gordeyev


Kirill is inquisitive and sociable child. The boy needs a wheelchair for continuing to discover the world around him.

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The story of Kirill Gordeev is like a fairy tale that in the 21st century most people have forgotten how to believe in. The baby was born prematurely, but not because he was in a hurry to see the world: his genetic mother had decided to speed the separation with him. Newborn in serious condition was taken to resuscitation, and then to the incubator, wherefrom, according to the laws of time, he had to go to the baby house. After stressful experiences, the doctors never promised the boy a healthy childhood, and thus, a bright future. But then intervened…no, not fairy, not magician,  but Natalia and Oleg Gordeyev from the small village near Sredneuralsk. They replaced the magic stick with love and faith, and together they could change the future of Kirill.

“We brought Kirill home when he was 3 months. As he was born on 6-month term, it turned out, that in my arms I had a newborn, our son Kirill, – Kirill’s mother says. It didn’t matter what tests, diagnoses, he had  – he was ours! For me he is the most beautiful and clever, I didn’t notice that he is different from his peers. The first months we really believed in the fairy-tale, which we created ourselves!»

The family idyll was interrupted by the insistent request of specialists to draw attention to the threat of ICP. Only early rehabilitation can give good results. A series of examinations confirmed the worst guesses: Kirill was diagnosed with severe spastic tetraparesis, ICP and central nervous system disorder.

“We didn’t even think that we would abandon our son. We started to fight for him: home therapy, rehabilitation, medication. As a result, by 3 years the son has learned to turn over, which he really enjoys. I see how Kirill likes when he’s getting better at and, most importantly, there is a will to move forward,” – Kirill’s mother says.

Each month Kirill is getting more sociable, he wants to explore the world. Boy is always happy to go for a walk, loves to watch other children, livestock, and nature. However, the normal baby stroller for the child who is still unable to sit independently is no longer suitable there is a great threat of the spinal curvature. Kirill needs a specialized wheelchair with fixators. The equipment costs 67 500 rubles.

Kirill Gordeyev NEEDS YOU!

Collected 15 250 of 67 500 RUR
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