Katya Dubovets

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Katya Dubovets likes reading extremely and soon she will enter to the first class of elementary school. The girl tries to catch every bright moment of life. You gave this life to her. We ask you again to help the girl. Katya needs expensive heart medicine.

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What is the most important in the life of Katya Dubovets? The girl herself, answering this question, would say a lot of things: lessons in the preparatory school, favorite library books, which she adores to sort through, slowly walking along the rows. Dresses – without them not a single day of the baby passes by: every evening she picks up her airy dresses or bright jeans and blouses and always knows exactly what she will wear tomorrow.

“Katya is a real girl, she really is, not at all like her older sister, an athlete,” smiles Mom. “She likes dresses, laces, frills, and very pedantically refers to clothes.”

Cats take a special place in the life of the girl. Three pets. Today, they are happy and well-groomed, she once brought them sick and weak from the street. Now three tri-color, red-white-black beauties almost always – with their savior.

“The love of the cats for my daughter also somehow appeared by itself. She just brought them, we treated them with our whole family. Then the daughter flatly refused to give them back, – relatives told. “When we gave one to some other family, there were such tears that I had to go and take it away.”

Not so long ago in the world of a girl who used to be simple and understandable, complicated and, sometimes, almost insoluble questions appeared. “Why do I have scars?” “Why do I drink tablets?” “Mom, you must be tired with me?” “Why was I born sick?”

In response to such questions, mother sometimes feels tears well up. Thinking about what is important in the life of the girl, we again and again remember that it’s you.

If it were not for you, Katya’s little heart would not have been able to cope with congenital malformations. And today we again ask you to help. Every year, it is vitally important for the girl to undergo examination and supportive therapy in a German clinic; they also prescribe and give out the necessary drugs.

Both relatives and specialists hope that over time, thanks to medicines, the situation will level out and the hole can be closed. But, unfortunately, today there are still problems. Katya’s health began to deteriorate: fatigue and shortness of breath intensified. The time of the next visit to the clinic is coming. She needs 115 000 rubles for medicines and flights.

Katya Dubovets NEEDS YOU!

Collected 105 187 of 115 000 RUR
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