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The boy spends almost all his time in a sitting position. He needs a spinal support.

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Most of the time, music plays in the Ivan’s house. Funny songs from cartoons, fairy tales, on TV and radio – without a background composition the boy refuses to study even with a psychologist. Of course, favorite books are musical too. True, the most desired “melody” for the child was and remains mother’s voice.

Listening as a woman reads fairy tales to him and his younger brother, studies with him, explains new unfamiliar facts and events, Ivan listens to every word she says. Being able to pronounce only a few simple words, and speaking using his eyes and gestures, he can find a common language with almost everyone. The easiest way to do this is with the most beloved playmate, younger brother. Together, children always create something: they piece together puzzles, construction kits, sculpt. Watching how her sons easily and quickly solve any issue, their mother hopes that soon she will be able to “agree” with the disease.

Due to epilepsy, the family cannot fight with cerebral palsy in full force. The latest attack occurred a year and a half ago.

“It was an emergency situation, a time that I still remember as one of the most terrible. – The woman said. – For a year and a half I did not leave the hospitals with the children. Cold-related diseases one after another attacked us and greatly weakened Vanya. Then, right in one of the intensive care units, he had another attack. “

Vanya’s mother hopes that the foci of epileptic activity will be extinguished and it will be possible to take up active development of motor skills. While this has not happened, she is not going to waste time: it is necessary to provide maximum comfort, convenience and safety to the sun.

“As a result of a long battle with colds, the son is weakened physically. – His relatives have shared. – This has most acutely affected the spine. Scoliosis has already begun to increase. “

A special corrective corset can solve the problem. The device will flexibly fix the child’s body and carefully hold it.

Vanya, and his entire family needs your sensitivity and attention. Sometimes the next step requires special inspiration. It appears when you know that somewhere there are many people who care. A lot of people who sincerely want everything to happen. The device-corset is an equipment, behind which is your kindness.

We ask you to help the boy: the fixator costs 83 000 rubles.

Ivan Zhuk NEEDS YOU!

Collected 3 500 of 65 540 RUR
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