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One of the recent and especially vivid images of Vanya Gusev is a picture made while the boy was riding a specialized exercise bicycle. The boy used the equipment during the treatment, and now he and his family had a dream: to have the same at home. We ask you to help!

Needed 66 000 RUR

When Ivan Gusev listens to music programs on TV or plays a toy synthesizer, his parents think that cerebral palsy retreats, giving way to a favourite pastime. The boy merrily dances, if somebody holds him under his arms. He smiles when hears his favorite tunes. It seems that he recognizes and remembers familiar tunes to the finest sound shades.

“Children who are deprived of health from their birth, are necessary given something in return. – The mother thinks. – Vanya is very musical. We play songs for children and adults almost always, we cannot live a single day without favorite tunes”.

The boy’s parents confessed: we are not used to tell sad stories about how hard it is. To rely only on themselves and to work hard – this is the main motto of this family. Hard work helps Vanya to gradually conquer cerebral palsy and other diseases. Thus, they managed to stop epileptic seizures, to improve vision. Motor skills of speech are “under consideration”.

During classes, the child’s relatives expertly handle with all sorts of sticks and spatulas for logopedic massage. They stretch out, warm up, do exercises for back, arms and legs. The schedule remains busy during their trips to treatment. Ivan and his family try to benefit from each lesson. The child trains hard, and his family as much as possible listen to every recommendation, each advice and learn from specialists’ new techniques.

“The son enjoys, perhaps, everything, except, training with a trainer” – his family admitted smiling.

They understand how difficult is for their son to move to recovery, and want to make him a gift. One day the boy rode on the special bike-the exercycle. This equipment has filled a few hours of riding with a real joy. Vanya’s relatives also smiled looking at how fast he is riding down the corridor, forgetting about the disease. The equipment costs 76 000 rubles.

Ivan Gusev NEEDS YOU!

Needed 66 000 RUR
Donations collection finished. Thank you for your support!

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