Ivan Efimchuk


Ivan has rare genetic disease. He can’t move by himself. The boy needs specialized equipment.

Collected 114 150 of 260 000 RUR

14-year-old Vanya Efimchuk has a large and friendly family: in addition to the mother and the father, he has a caring grandmother and a little “star”, a 4-year-old sister Olesya. But they hardly ever gather together: the terrible ailment has divided the family into two parts. Due to the rare genetic disease-spinal muscular atrophy-Vanya has to live with his grandmother, separate from his mother and beloved sister. The boy living with little or no immunity gets infected easily and it can lead to the most severe consequences.

“Last summer I was dying with my son”, Vanya’s mother remembers. –“He’s got infected from my daughter; it seemed to be a common cold. However, later it was revealed: Vanya has a severe form of bronchitis. The inflammation that any child can survive in 2 weeks has led us to a E.R. Due to the critical weakness of all muscles, Vanya can’t cough like all of us. Expectoration is not ejecting out of lungs, and can lead to critical condition”.

After such a horrible experience and fear for the son life, Vanya’s mother had to make a difficult decision: living next to a sister who, like all children, is often ill, is now dangerous for him. Separation, even temporary, is pretty tough thing for the whole family. Vanya, or Little Sunshine, as he is called not only by his family, but also by teachers, is the head of a large family. Despite the fact that the boy is unable to walk and moves his hands with great difficulty, he is intellectually above his peers.

“The teachers were amazed by my son before he started going to school.” During school interview to join the 1st form Vanya told the teachers very seriously: “Why are you talking to me as to a little boy, I understand everything!” The tests showed that he understands everything, and Vanya started to study a regular school program. He acquires it better than most of his classmates – at the end of the year, he got only a couple of “4s”. – Vanya’s mother says.

Now Vanya studies in 8th Form and is thinking about his future higher education. Like all the boys, he loves computers, so he’s dreaming of becoming a programmer. It was the computer that gave Vanya the most important thing in the life of any teenager – he gave friends. Through the Internet, the boy communicates, plays and shares his feelings with dozens of buddies from all over the country.

Due to the low level of immunity, Vanya has to spend most of his time at home. However, to move the grown boy from the wheelchair to bed or bath is no longer easy. The family needs a special lifter with electric drive which will help transport their son safely and also a new comfortable bed for Vanya. The equipment costs 260,000 rubles. The family is asking for your help!

Ivan Efimchuk needs you!

Collected 114 150 of 260 000 RUR
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