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Ilyana likes to spend time on the street like all children. The girl needs a wheelchair for long and comfortable walks.

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When Ilyana was born, a terrible oppressive silence reigned in the delivery room. The baby did not cry and did not breathe. Illyana’s mother tried to steal a glance at her daughter, but the doctors seemed to have specially hidden the newborn from her eyes and quickly took her to the intensive care unit. The first meeting between mother and daughter was postponed for a long time.

First, the walls shared mother and daughter, and soon – hundreds of kilometers: experts decided to transport Illyana to a hospital in another city. Mom could go to her daughter only a week later. However, even being there, she could only watch the little girl through the thick glass: the baby was connected to several devices at once, she still could not breathe and eat by herself.

“During the first month the doctors have been fighting for the life of Illyana. And, after a long and thorny path, my daughter is finally let go home. Our happiness was boundless. The first months of the house we were happily rejoicing every day and, probably, did not even want to think about the possible consequences of the difficult first days. But after half a year we paid attention: the daughter has not learned how to hold a toy in her hand, and does not try to touch it, ” says Ilyana’s mother.

The development of the girl slows down because of the cerebral palsy. Due to the spasticity of the muscles, any movement by hand or foot is difficult to Illyana. However, overcoming pain, by the age of 3, the baby has learned to play with one left hand. Ilyana likes to arrange figurines in a toy house and groups the details according to the forms.

The girl is just learning to sit, crawl and talk. But, despite the silence, Ilyany’s relatives are sure: the baby understands everything.

In the street, Ilyana loves to watch other children, listens carefully to the voices of birds and looks at everything around her. However, Ilyana cannot stay in the street for a long time. The baby carriage has already become small to a grown-up girl, and because of the incorrect position of the baby, the risk of scoliosis developing increases.

Ilyana needs a specialized comfortable wheelchair, which the family cannot buy. The cost of equipment is 129 426 rubles.

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Collected 23 587 of 129 426 RUR
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