Gleb Vasilyev

д. Отрадовка (Республика Башкортостан)
Otradovka (Republic of Bashkortostan)

The boy has the defeat of the cerebral nervous system. Gleb can’t walk and sit without support. The boy needs a wheelchair for comfortable life.

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This year, Gleb is more than ever glad to have a rich apple harvest. Already a month and a half, he almost every morning begins with helping his mother to collect fresh fruit in the garden. The most ripe and beautiful fruits are put separately, but not for himself, but for a new friend with an unusual name – Luna (Moon).

“This summer has become special for Gleb,” Mom says. – Due to the damage of the central nervous system, the son cannot sit on his own, he needs help. During searching of effective ways of rehabilitation, his family decided to try therapeutic horse riding and were amazed: after only a few lessons, the son began to hold his back more confidently. Now we have a new friend, and the trainer: Luna – the horse. ”

For a long time, Gleb could not even keep his head. I had to play with the boy lying down. However, in 6 years of daily work, much has been achieved. Today Gleb not only can sit with support, but also tries to stand and walk. Truly speaking, he needs the help of relatives to do it.

“Gleb loves to be in the company of other children. Smiling, the son watches his peers play and run. I feel: he wants to be like everyone else. But he is not shy of his specialty. Gleb often tries to start a conversation first. Now he is able to pronounce not only single words, but also make whole sentences. He is lucky that he has the opportunity to talk! ”- Gleb’s mother says.

Gleb now has no opportunity to attend the nursery school and often go to rehabilitation. Specialists – speech therapist and therapeutic exercise therapist – are working with the boy at his home. His mother also does a great job in developing intelligence and preparing her child for school. They need a home wheelchair to make Gleb’s life more comfortable. Modern equipment costs 151 300 rubles, Gleb’s family can not afford to buy it.

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Collected 7 430 of 151 300 RUR
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