Gleb Smirnov


Five-year-old Gleb is the most grateful and attentive spectator. The boy loves theater and music concerts, but he can go to the shows only in a wheelchair.

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“Little Gleb is the sun. He was literally born with a smile. We only met with his eyes, and he smiled–happy, joyful, such a cheerful boy. I remember, one of the doctors noticed: he is smiling because he is glad to see his parents. I thought he was smiling for the world, all the people around. And until now the son perceives this world only that way: light and open, “Gleb’s mother says.

The joy of the first mother and son acquaintance was darkened by an unexpected tragedy. Within 24 hours, as a quiet sleep in the maternity ward was disturbed by an almost animal scream. Little Gleb did not just cry-he screamed with pain. Any attempt of mother to calm him down, caress, to feed turned into even more hysterics. Then not only Gleb’s mother felt the fear: experienced doctors were at a loss.

“Gleb was taken from one specialist to another, there were long hours, and I was never told what’s wrong with my son,” the mother remembers. “Finally, a resuscitationist came to me and said that Gleb is in critical condition and it is unknown whether he will survive until the morning. After this conversation, I remember, a few more specialists approached me, told about meningoencephalitis, about the consequences, and when I started to learn to express milk, I fainted. “

After the medically induced coma and 2 weeks in the resuscitation, Gleb’s mother accepted the news about the diagnosis “ICP” calmly. The long-awaited son, her bright boy was no longer on the verge, and so they will live together and smile again to this world, no matter what!

“As soon as we returned home, the work began, daily work to overcome ourselves: we together with Gleb have passed numerous courses of therapeutic exercise, practiced with speech pathologist. Pains began to bear fruit. By 11 months the son began to walk with support, he could sit, said the first syllables. I, like him, started smiling more and more often, ” – his mother says.

However, the family’s plans again were interfered with the disease. Gleb was not a year yet, as he had a strong epileptic seizure with a respiratory standstill and convulsions. The baby had to change the children’s room to the hospital ward again: Seizures occurred almost daily. Every time the child began to learn to live all over again: Gleb forgot how to keep his head, to swallow, to breathe.

The choice of drug therapy lasted for more than a month. During this time, the boy lost all the skills gained during the first months of life. Gleb isn’t able to recover completely till now. Every month, his mother once again experiences the “worst day”-the day when her boy stops breathing and forgets everything. Gleb has a nasty form of epilepsy, it is impossible to get rid of seizures forever with the help of drugs, and therefore, you need to learn to live with them.

Now Gleb is 5 years old, he can’t walk and sit on his own, but loves to walk and visit the children’s theatre and philharmonic. He is the most attentive and grateful spectator, ready to give his smile to each actor and musician. However, today the boy has to go outside in an uncomfortable baby carriage.

Gleb’s mother can’t buy specialized equipment that costs 77,080 roubles. Everyone can present the joy of comfortable movement to the boy!

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Collected 800 of 77 080 RUR
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