Emil Kasimov


Each new person in life of Emil literally are ckeched for strength. The boy has everyday tests from the first days of his life too. You have a chance to help the boy!

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The long-awaited first-born was born healthy. But it happened that in the early hours he had not received the required amount of water. The body of the baby has experienced the strongest stress; as a result, the child became disabled.

Having gone through an acute crisis, little Emil already showed the strength of his character. He survived and began to gain weight. But the brain and nervous system were seriously harmed. “He won’t sit, walk, talk,” – parents didn’t put up with such prognosis. They started to fight for the health of the long-awaited son with the very first months. The father found a name for the son that in Latin means “persistent”. Emil has shown with his successes that the choice of the parents was not accidental.

When he was two the boy began to walk. In the moments when he stood on his feet straight, relatives did everything to make the body remember how to hold.

“Then the son himself began to move and to do the exercises correctly. – The mother of the child said. – Unfortunately, what happened with Emil, hit our entire family. The husband took a very active part in his treatment, put everything to save health, and one day his heart gave out”.

Being left with Emil alone, the woman continued to struggle. Together they did therapeutic exercise, massage, went to treatment. They went to the circus, to the pool, to the gym. The boy got strong so that being at home he began to repeat some simple acrobatic tricks, which he had seen in the arena, on wall bars. He loved physical activity and sports more; he went to swimming couses and to the gym.

The boy’s mother often thinks about how it would be easier for her if there was their own exerciser at home. The woman does not lose hope that it will be possible to develop her son’s speech. The doctors created a course of treatment with special medications that improve brain activity. It is difficult to buy equipment and medication without your help. Their total cost is 54 500 rubles. Emil Kasimov NEEDS YOU!

Collected 1 500 of 66 212 RUR
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