Egor Osnovin

Свердловская область, с. Нижняя Синячиха
Sverdlovsk Region, Nizhnyaya Sinyachikha

Egor was born with a rare genetic disease. He needs a specialized equipment for comfortable life at home.

Collected 6 300 of 175 000 RUR

“I remember how we went swimming: I sat on the beach, and my friends jumped into the water, and then we race on bicycles home, “Yegor Osnovin remembers. -I still remember very well the first school assembly. I was with a large bouquet of flowers, barely held it in my hands, it was very heavy, but I did not ask for help, I really wanted to give it to the teacher. “

Memories-this is the dearest thing, that was left for 16-year-old Yegor Osnovin from another life, where he did not just walk – he ran, trying to catch as much as possible. About 10 years ago, cheerful boy suddenly began to fall down too often. Nevertheless, none of the family could not assume that the usual child clumsiness is the first sign of incurable disease.

As it turned out after the examinations, Yegor was special from birth. The baby was born with a rare genetic disease “Duchenne’s dystrophy”. Today there are no more than a thousand boys with a similar diagnosis in Russia, and all of them, unfortunately, appeared in a wheelchair once and forever.

The boy needs specialized equipment to sit comfortably and sleep. The spinal support will keep Yegor’s back in the correct position. Yegor feels uncomfortable also in a lying position: the boy is unable to turn himself over, he sleeps badly. He can sleep faster in a special bed. The total cost of the support and bed is 175,000 roubles. Salary of the rural teacher -Yegor’s father – is not enough even to pay a part of the bill. The family is asking for your help!

Yegor Osnovin NEEDS YOU!

Collected 6 300 of 175 000 RUR
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