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Verkhnyaya Pyshma

Dima had several courses of chemotherapy, stem cell transplantation and stroke. Now the boy needs a rehabilitation course in a specialized center.

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“Someone said that everything is good, that the tumor is benign, but when they said that urgent hospitalization is needed, I realized – everything was very bad! And then the doctors said that we have a chance. If we can survive all the procedures, go through all the chemistry, that is, 25% – that we will continue to live, and we began to be treated, “- so Mama of Dima Napolskikh recalls what happened 10 years ago. For his chance to live, Dima continues to fight until now. After finding neuroblastoma at the age of 1.5 years, the boy survived several courses of chemotherapy and stem cell transplantation. Not every adult can stand that – and the baby’s body failed: in the oncology center, Dima suffered a stroke, after which he had to restore from scratch all the skills he had previously acquired.

 “At the age of 2 years Dima again turned into a baby. He learned to re-hold his head, turn over, sit. We again remembered what a play pen is. We went first for the handle with him only around the house, then began to go out into the yard. Now Dima and I can already walk in the park and take his brother and sister from the kindergarten together, “ – says Dima’s mother.

Rehabilitation of Dima continues today. Until now, he feels insecure in space and rarely leaves his mother. He – a 12-year-old teenager – today is helped by a six-year younger brother and a three-year-old sister. Dima cannot yet become the elder for his relatives.

“Dima is experiencing a decreased sense of his own body. He does not understand what the movements of different parts of the body can lead to. Because of uncertainty, it is difficult for a boy to perform arbitrary actions or movements. He is often irritated, and cannot always respond to requests,” – says the neuropsychologist, Olga Zaigrina.

After the stroke, the boy was not interested in children’s toys. It became impossible to attract his attention, perform any tasks or just play along with his brother and sister. Speech was lost together with the interest in life. Neither mother nor the defectologists could break through the thick wall that Dima built around him after the stroke.

“For a long time my son was like a stone, there was no emotions at all,” recalls Dima’s mom. – As if he turned into an old man, who has seen everything in his life, and he can’t be surprised by anything. No tears, no smiles … “

The specialists of the correction center helped to awaken the boy from sleep. They taught mother and son to communicate in a new way. After a long time, Dima finally was able to play again, laugh at cartoons, run around in the park. However, the boy still has a lot of work to do, and the family cannot cope without the professional help. Dima needs to attend a course of rehabilitation therapy. However, a large family cannot afford to pay an account of 150,000 rubles by their own efforts.

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Collected 22 650 of 150 000 RUR
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