Diana Tarasova

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Diana’s health was seriously affected during childbirth. She got into the intensive care unit, and the little girl was discharged home with a lot of diagnoses. She needs a specialized wheelchair.

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The fact that Diana’s intellect is really preserved, and the little girl knows a lot about the world, her mother was told by specialists after one of the tests. Due to the girl’s condition only doctors can assess the level of cognitive skills development. Because of ICP, she can only speak with the glance, confidently pointing her eyes to the right pictures, objects, or people. The girl’s mother hopes that her intellect will help catch up with the motor skills.

“My daughter controls her hand with my help,” – the woman told us. – So she paints, plays. I invest all my energy and time to develop these abilities. “I hope that constant massages, therapeutic exercises, and instructor-led classes will bring some result in the future.”

Girl’s relatives have decided that sad life is not for them. They confess that sometimes they feel bitterness and inner turmoil: we have been waiting for a perfectly healthy baby. Her weight and birth date – everything was normal. But hypoxia has led to the struggle for every small ounce of health now.

“When a beautiful melody or a favorite funny children’s song begins to play, I see that my daughter devotes herself to the music”,  – Diana’s mother told us. –  It’s like she’s singing and dancing in time to the music. And at times like this I cannot control myself and imagine what it would have been if there had been no hypoxia”.

Continuous travels, treatment and rehabilitation keep sad thoughts away. And Diana herself doesn’t like to be sad and doesn’t like others to feel sad. Her insistent stare asks to put on her favorite cartoons, or she focuses on prepared lunch and notices:  I want this, I don’t want that. Her family has learned to understand small accents in her mood, the wishes and sometimes allows her to command at home:  let her show her temper, show what she wants. It’s part of the way to overcome ICP.

The girl needs a special wheelchair to continue moving towards the cherished goal of developing motor skills. It will help study, leave the house and walk with comfort. The equipment costs 178,748 rubles. We’re asking you to help the family buy it.

Diana Tarasova needs you!

Collected 99 100 of 178 748 RUR
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