Service of Clinical Psychologists in the Child Onco-Hematology Center №1

We continue to help children who have courses of treatment in the Child Onco-Hematology Center №1

Collected 270 724 of 1 600 000 RUR

We have helped hundreds of sick child to have a high-technology treatment surrounded by their families and in the native city. As you know, “at home even the walls help”. The fund continues to support little patients of the Onco-Hemotology Center.

Our fund helped to raise 16 000 000 rubles for the Child Onco-Hematology Center №1 and all money was spent on buying modern diagnostic equipment that had improved diagnostic-technology base of the Center.

The oncological diseases change greatly the life of children and their families. Little patients spend a lot of time staying indoors. So, it is too important to create comfortable environment for them and to help to fight the disease. It’s very expensive:

1. The service of clinical psychologists has been worked in the Child Onco-Hemotology Center for 5 years. It’s evident that the service just really helps to create comfortable psychological environment. Specialists help severally ill children and their parents to find the strength to fight the disease. Professional services are rather expensive. More than that, they need regular investitions for studying and trainings.

2. There is a voluntary service. Volunteers try to create friendly environment in the Center and help little patients to feel themselves like in a school, art class or even at holidaytheatre or concert. The organization of these events requires financing. Exactly, artists give concerts without charge, but bills for transportation of musical instruments and necessary equipment must be paid.

3. Thanks to you, there is a play space and a psychologist office. Educational toys, building blocks, office supplies and etc. must be bought too.

All of these things cost 135 000 per month and we need your help, dear benefactors.

The Children Onco-Hemotology Clinic №1 NEEDS YOU!

Collected 270 724 of 1 600 000 RUR
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