Denis Zhuk


Denis is an active boy, used to set goals and achieve them himself. A specialized wheelchair with an electric drive will help the boy to feel himself independent.

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“My life will also be without limits!”-said Denis Zhuk after meeting with Nick Vujicic, Australian, who born without arms and legs, but managed to become one of the strongest motivational speaker of today. Denis, unlike his hero, has arms and legs, but they do not want to obey him for 13 years. Now, Denis believes, everything will change: “I will also be a great speaker; I will travel around the country and tell how to win ICP. We will beat it, won’t we, Mummy? ”

“And I have no choice but to answer – yes! Of course, we will win it, – Denis’s mother says. – Due to ICP, my son has been deprived of a full childhood since 1 year; his life is a daily struggle. However, this choice my little hero made all by himself. Intellectually the son is saved, does not lag behind, and in something is ahead of peers, but he isn’t able to walk on his own. However, I don’t need to work with motivation. Denis himself since childhood set goals and achieved them-he learned to turn over, to stand, to sit. “

Motor activity had to be limited for years after surgical interventions. For 13 years, Denis has survived 3 surgeries on the hip joints. Every time the boy was in plaster for a long time, and then he went through a difficult rehabilitation. Despite this, Denis can already moves around the house in babywalker and stands in parallel bars. The future is to conquer a new goal.

“Now Denis does not allow to help him to walk up the stairs home. We live on the third floor, there is no elevator in the house, and every time we have to conquer a “brick Everest”. The son shouts at all entrance hall, but yell entirely at himself, at legs that don’t obey. He sincerely does not understand why he has legs, but they refuse to move in the right direction, “Denis’s mother says.

Despite the ailment, Denis lives an active life. The boy successfully studies in the 5th grade, visits the art classes, music school and is goes paralimpic swimming. In the tight daily schedule, there is time for communication with friends. With the best friend Roma Denis not only discusses the latest news of motorsport (another hobby of the boy), but also can play “car repair shop” for a long time. Boys enthusiastically discuss the repair of car of different brands, make orders, make discounts to each other on the necessary details, and decide where to go to travel driving new foreign car. Recently, the boy, united by one ailment, has been discussing the latest models of wheelchairs. Denis dreams about a wheelchair with an electric drive, which can be controlled by the controller. However, the family is unable to make the wish come true – the equipment costs 108,500 roubles. We can help the boy to become finally independent!

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Collected 2 400 of 108 500 RUR
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