Denis Ufimtsev

с. Волчиха

Denis is seven-year-old boy. He said his first words only two years ago and only his family could understand him. Exercises with specialists will help to develop speech skills.

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When all pupils went home, and usual hustle and bustle of the breaks died down, when the bell does not ring, and the door is opened only in one class, where the only student is awaited, Denis Ufimtsev starts to prepare his schoolbag at home. In just a few weeks, the boy will be eight years old and it’s the second year he has been a student of the general education school, but he can’t attend classes with others. The boy comes to school after all his peers have finished their lessons. Denis can sit at the desk, listen to a teacher, and answer questions at the board only when he is alone.

“A normal journey to school is a real stress for Denis. He’s afraid of children and teachers, he closes his ears and tries to hide from everyone – his mother says. – Denis’s behavior often raises questions among others: it seems that such a big boy behaves worse than a 3-year-old baby. It is difficult to explain him the rules of behavior, he doesn’t understand  prohibitions or requests, and isn’t in the mood for communicating with others. However, this is not a naughtiness or whims, but the consequences of a diagnosis: Denis has autism and the delay of psychomotor and speech development.”

For more than five years, Denis has been completely silent: not a single word or an imitation. The first “come on” they met like a real holiday: with tears and laughter. In such a way the active little boy asked his elder brother and mother to go for a walk. And now all members of a large family continue experiencing strong emotions after every Denis’s success.

“It is because of our togetherness we can overcome all the difficulties: My husband and I have three sons. Denis, our second son, is already 13, and the youngest is only 9 months old. The news about Denis’s diagnosis we experienced together. Nikita, the eldest son is not shy to acquaint his brother with his friends; the father takes Denis with him when he goes to his men’s job; and the youngest son – Marc is already trying to get in the Denis’s room to play together,” Denis’s mother says.

Denis has overcome a lot of barriers in his eight. It’s hard to believe, but the boy learned to sit in a chair by himself only when he was 3.5 years. The motor skills were very difficult to absorb: any new movement caused baby’s fear and tears. Today, the boy feels comfortable in space, but he is still learning to communicate with people around him. An unclear confused speech is understood only by close relatives, so without the mother-interpreter, no one can understand the boy.

To develop speech skills, Denis needs to undergo a rehabilitation course at a specialized center. This course costs 150,000 rubles. The large family where only dad works, can’t afford this sum.

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Collected 6 013 of 150 000 RUR
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