Denis Pleskunin

г. Сосновый Бор
Sosnovy Bor, Leningrad Oblast

Denis has cerebral palsy and can’t move around his place without help. For more comfortable life, the boy needs help with replacement the seat in his old wheelchair.

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“Abandoned children do not cry! They just do not anybody to cry to: whether you cry or not – nobody will run to calm you down, there is nobody to come and wipe the tears and nobody to press them tightly into their chest.”

Viktoria calls her son “abandoned”. Little Denis was deprived of his mother right after his birth. She was in a critical condition and needed doctor’s help. From a small regional hospital they took Denis to Saint Petersburg and he had to spend about two weeks there without his mum.

Later the doctors identified that at birth Denis had a haemorrhage into brain. Part of nerve cells was damaged, but the doctors gave favourable forecast for future. But within 3 months, a new blow came against the family: during his sleep, Denis stopped breathing, and his brain got damaged again.

Owing to care and love, Viiktoria managed to warm up the frozen heart of her only son. In time, Denis started smiling more and meeting his beloved mother and sister tenderly. At the age of two years, he started uttering first sounds. Denis has not yet learned to speak words and sentences, but he loves listening to others. He can’t walk independently yet, however, he is actively learning crawling. The little boy has a lot to discover, but for his comfort he needs and new seat for his wheel-chair-stroller.

The missing part costs 156 217 Roules — the family with two little kids cannot afford this amount of money.

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Collected 5 400 of 156 217 RUR
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