Denis Makarov

с. Панфилово

Denis has been already done a second cochlear implant surgery. Now he needs a rehabilitation course.

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For Denis Makarov, music has become a guide to the world. After the cochlear implant surgery was carried out on the two-year-old boy diagnosed bradyacuasia with 4th degrees the expected miracle never happened. It seemed that the child didn’t want to accept the reality with its variety of sounds. Denis dropped the device now and then, tried to break it and rejected all specialists’ attempts to explain and help. Only a year later, the baby suddenly wanted to hear those who opened mouths singing and danced on a stage.

“I remember that day well. A celebration concert was broadcast on TV, and I watched and began to sing and clap my hands”, – Denis’s mother remembers. –“As usual, Denis was without the device. But then he took his eyes off his toys and started pointing at his ear like saying “Put it on!” I was rushed off my feet while I was looking for our little device – it was the first time he wanted to hear something. Then the son watched the whole concert nonstop!”

The music accompanies Denis to this day. He’s eight years old, and he goes successfully to the dance classes. Many times paired with the girl Sonia Denis has become the winner in regional competitions. The boy feels the rhythm and is good at remembering the movements.

This year the choir classes will be added to the dance ones. Singing classes is an excellent opportunity to train speech skills. Now, Denis needs this particularly, because recently the family has faced another stroke of bad luck.

“After the cochlear implantation and after-treatment, Denis has developed his speech. And suddenly, just a year ago, I started to notice: my son can’t sometimes pronounce high sound; his speech is again becoming difficult to understand. It turned out that the implant had stopped to perform its functions. Again, surgical intervention was required, and now the son needs rehabilitation”. – Dennis’s mother says.

This year, despite the suffered operation, Denis was able to go to 1st Form of the normal comprehensive school. He likes studying with other children; however it’s not that easy to make friends with his classmates. Not everyone can understand the boy’s speech: Denis has a lot of defects to work on.

After the first surgery it was rehabilitation at a specialized center that gave a “big push” in skills development. Denis needs to attend special classes. The boy can be helped effectively and quickly by qualified specialists in the rehabilitation center in the Fryazino town. The treatment costs 165,000 rubles. The family is asking for your help.

Denis Makarov NEEDS YOU.

Collected 74 318 of 165 000 RUR
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