Daria Krupina

Верхняя Пышма
Verkhnyaya Pyshma

The girl has rare genetic disease and as a result she can’t walk like her coevals. Dasha needs spesialized wheelchair.

Collected 101 981 of 224 200 RUR

It took more than a year to establish a diagnosis. Genetics have drawn a painful line under a series of surveys and analyses. Dasha was diagnosed with a rare hereditary disease – neurodegeneration with brain iron accumulation. One child in a million develops this insidious ailment and it may not declare itself for a long time.

To get rid of all symptoms at once is not an easy task. However, Dasha does not give up: she learns to walk, hold a spoon, eat independently and even speak. Almost for one year and a half, while specialists were choosing therapy, the little girl could just sleep and cry. Therefore, nobody scolds the little fidget for her activeness today. The girl has learned to crawl and now gets more and more interested in the world around.

Today Dasha is happy to go for a walk, but she cannot stay in vertical position for a long time yet. To move along the street comfortably and safely, the girl needs a specialized stroller. However, to buy the equipment, Dasha’s parents should collect 224,200 roubles – it is a sky-high amount for the family where all money is spent on medicine. Everyone can help Dasha go for a walk!

Dasha Krupina NEEDS YOU!

Collected 101 981 of 224 200 RUR
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