Daria Emtsova


The girl wanted to hear inspite of severe headaches and unpleasant feelings. Next step is developing of speaking skills and Daria needs your help.

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It so happened that the hearing became the very same magic wand for Dasha Emtsova, which made it possible to fight with several congenital problems simultaneously. Being in the womb she suffered an infection. After examination the baby, the doctors found deafness, multiple cysts in the brain, and said that she probably would not sit, walk, or talk.

“It was until she was a year-old”, – the baby’s mother told us. “The daughter was lying in her crib and looking at her hands. She was interested in nothing else but this activity”.

An unexpected crisis in the baby’s treatment occurred immediately after the cochlear implant surgery and after the “electronic ears” started working. In the morning, doctors turned them on, and in the evening, neighbours in the ward called Dasha’s mother: “Why do you say your baby can’t crawl or stand?” Look at her!” The girl stood for the first time in her life, holding handrails and looked around with interest.

Further – more: when she was 1 year and 7 months she went by herself; she has developed her hands motor skills little by little and become interested in the surrounding world. At home, “a little tail” follows her mother or the elder brother, in the nursery school she follows the nursery teacher. The girl tries to cling to the world of sounds.

“When connecting they didn’t tuned the implants up properly, and they worked poorly during loud noises or voices”, – the mother said. – “There was nothing that DK specialists could do about it. The daughter has learned to turn off the devices when something makes loud noise and then turn them on again”.

When the family got to treatment in a specialized center for the rehabilitation of children after the cochlear implant surgery, specialists could normalize the devices operation. The specialists explained that for hearing Dasha suffered headaches during six months, all the time while “ears” functioned incorrectly, and they were surprised: in such cases, the children usually pull off the devices. It seemed, the girl wanted to be able to hear that she was even ready to suffer pain.

Now, when Dasha has got used to the world of sounds, it is time to begin to develop speech. Meanwhile the child can pronounce only the vowels and the sound “m”, which she has been training with her mother for months. In hometown doctors refuse to treat such a complicated patient and the treatment at the children’s rehabilitation center after the cochlear implant surgery costs 165,000 rubles. We ask you to help!

Daria Emtsova needs you!

Collected 127 703 of 165 000 RUR
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