Darina Repina


Darina can’t walk, but she likes it extremely. The girl can walk outside only using a specialized wheelchair.

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“To lay and to love”- Tatiana with a little Darina in her arms was told this parting words when she came out of the doctor’s offices not once or twice. She was sent back, behind high brick walls, home – to hide from the world and to live out. Such words from experienced doctors will make a lot people to yield, but doctors’ predictions made Tatiana kneel up, dry her eyes and start fighting for her daughter’s life.

“I will never forget the 2009 New Year. I was already in the hospital because I had the risk of premature birth, but the doctor offered me to go home for the holidays, “Darina’s mother says.” And in less then two hours after my returning home, I had to call an ambulance: I went into labour. Darina was born with a critical body weight, could not breathe, she was immediately taken to resuscitation and connected to the ventilator. However, the most terrible thing was ahead: On the second day, the daughter had a stroke. My little girl has had a near-death experience, but the doctors dragged her out from the other side. Then I realized, I would fight for her until the end! “

When after a month of life in the hospital Darina was discharged home, it was clear: the baby had a long way to recover ahead. Almost from the birth, the girl has a whole bouquet of diagnosis: organic lesion of the brain, hydrocephalus, ICP, spastic tetraparesis and epilepsy. Nevertheless, a friendly family helped Darina to cope with all the difficulties: Mother and elder sister Alina.

“When I first brought Darina home, Arina never left her side. I remember, at night the eldest daughter took a blanket, put it near the Darina’s cradle, lay nearby and sang lullabies all night long. The eldest daughter was 15 years old she dreamed of a little sister: together, laughing, we discussed which nursery school she was going to go at, which hobby group and club she would be signed for. Our common plans collapsed in front of our eyes! ” – Her mother says.

The sisters were able to save strong relations and over the years. Now Darina is 9 years old and Arina 24 years, but despite the age difference, girls spend a lot of time together: they laugh, play, and walk. Darin hasn’t managed yet to overcome the motor barrier, she can’t sit, walk and talk herself. However, emotionally the girl responds to any action. It is possible to communicate with the help of facial expressions and eyes.

“Darina is very emotional, and it is our salvation. She has a variety of facial expressions, in a manner of speaking she talks with the help of her face. She communicates with pleasure not only with us, but also with unfamiliar people in the street. The daughter can walk just endlessly. In the street, she revives, catches eyes of every passerby, and wants to share her smile, “- the mother shared.

In order to give Darina the opportunity to continue spending time in the street comfortably and safely, she needs a specialized wheelchair. The equipment costs 229,000 roubles. The mother, who brings up the girl alone can’t pay the bill.

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Collected 47 480 of 229 000 RUR
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