Danila Likhodienko


Five-year-old Danya can’t move. The boy needs a wheelchairs and a standing frame for comfortable life.

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Svetlana heard her baby much earlier than the doctors did. From the very first day, she did not just feel the new life inside of her: the expecting mother learned to talk and understand her son. The internal dialogue, which lasted for 7 months continuously, ended abruptly. Svetlana has understood: if she no longer hears the son, he must be rescued urgently!

“Danila decided to be born earlier than expected,” his mother says. — Doctors tried to restrain labor activity for about 2 weeks, put me the drip gave injections, but I my son were getting worse. One day I realized: I can’t hear my son. Then the doctors had an emergency surgery. Danila was saved, but his struggle for life was not over!”

Almost a month there was a thick glass between Svetlana and Danila. The tiny baby, who was born premature, could not breathe on his own and was rushed to resuscitation. Medical isolation ward replaced not only the baby cot, but also the tender hands of mother for a long time. Svetlana was able to take her baby on her hands, feed him and just look in his eyes only after a long 3 weeks.

“All the time while Danila was in the unit for premature babies, I expressed milk and brought him bottles six times a day. Nurses fed him in a special time. I remember when finally I was allowed to take him out of this box: Danila had such big and clear eyes, he looked at me very attentively, and I could not believe that this light feather was my son, that he was alive, that he was with me! ” the boy’s mother says.

Then it seemed that all the worst is behind. At home, Danila quickly began to gain weight and, though behind time he mastered development skills. The boy learned to keep his head, started to stand up, leaning on his elbows, and in six months, he first sat down. There was no limit to the happiness of Danila’s mother and elder brother Yura. Having passed through fear of losing in the beginning, now every small step in development of the child the family perceived as real victory.

However, a new challenge was waiting ahead: In 10 months Danila had first epileptic seizure. Terrible pain, screams, ambulance… and again the struggle for life. After the seizure, the boy lost all the skills that he had developed hard for many months. Now Danila is 5 years old, and he still could not finally recover after the most terrible first seizure. The child has survived many more of such epileptic fit.

However, despite the diagnoses (ICP, epilepsy, spastic tetraparesis), the boy continues his struggle for normal life every day. Due to serious motor restrictions, Danila still has to spend most of the time sitting. For a comfortable life at home, the boy needs a specialized wheelchair, and in order to avoid dangerous contractures – a standing frame. The special equipment costs 290,700 roubles.

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Collected 196 200 of 290 700 RUR
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