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Danil wants to learn how to play football. However, because of cerebral palsy, the boy is just learning how to walk by himself. Danya needs a specialized home trainer for daily trainings.

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Elena and Dmitry Gaziyev, like all young parents, were afraid to discuss aloud the future of their long-awaited first child, but couldn’t stop dreaming. Elena thought about how, when and where she would hear the first “Mama”, and Dmitry dreamt how he would play football  with his son in the yard, and how his boy would play at the stadium in top youth team in the city. In their dreams they didn’t build castles in the air, but their simple, earthly desires were not so easy to turn into reality.

“It’s so funny and sad when I hear parents reading children a lecture when they caused a little trouble – walked through a puddle, climbed a tall tree or just ran away to their friends. We would give anything for that one day when we could play catch-up, hide-and-seek, football with our Danil. From birth our son  was doomed to a difficult way: the first month of life the baby has spent on artificial lung ventilation, and then the doctors arrived at the verdict — ICP,” Danil’s mother says.

The parents began struggle for a full life of their son immediately after discharge from the hospital. At first it was a therapeutic massage, and then all the games with Danil were turned into classes to develop motor skills. Now the boy crawls to his music toy on his own, and tries to keep his head straight for a long time to watch his favorite cartoons. But the most fascinating thing for the child is playing catch-up with a cat. To catch the cunning animal is no easy task, but Danil does not give up and tries to catch the cat before it hides behind the couch again and again.

“Now Danil is 3, and it’s hard to explain him why it is necessary to do certain exercises every day. To inspire and motivate him, we have to invent different games. We are lucky that Danya is very active, it’s hard for him to sit still, moreover, intellectually he is saved – the son can hear well and understands speech addressed to him, he tries to participate in dialogue,” – Danil’s mother says.

He cannot yet sit, stand, and walk independently, that is why he cannot attend the nursery school. However, the boy likes watching his peers. Whenever possible, Danil joins common games. He kicks a ball on the playground together with his father, goes down the highest ice slide together with his mother, rides on a carousel with his whole family. Elena and Dmitry make every effort to ensure that their son does not feel deprived and can afford all kinds of children’s joy. However, Danya should develop many skills in order to go to school, play sports and simply live on his own. Horseback riding simulator that costs 62 900 rubles will help Danya to learn to hold his head steadily, maintain balance, as well as develop muscles of back and legs.

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Collected 900 of 62 900 RUR
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