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Danya dreams about a career of a sports commentator and coming to the stedium for work. The boy needs a specialized equipment, which will help to take the first steps on the way to a dream.

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13-year-old Daniil – the most sporting in the family. And it’s not about the number of mastered sports, but in the incredible enthusiasm of the boy by professional athletes. Dan is a fan of boxing and football, but with no less enthusiasm watching and competitions in other disciplines. The boy has studied all the regalia of his favorite athletes and speaks fluent professional sports slang. The relatives have long dubbed Dan as a “commentator”, but the boy’s dream is to get this status officially. So he, a teenager who has not yet made his first independent steps, will be able to become part of the world sports community.

“I have a medical education, I worked as a paramedic and saw special children, but I never could think that my child will be different from others,” Daniil’s mother remembers. – Dan is behind the peers, we were convinced in that throughout the first year of his life. By the year of 1 he could neither turn over nor sit; Even his head held back uncertainly. The surveys confirmed the worst fears: “cerebral palsy.”

The severe form of the disease not only limited the development of physical skills, but also for a long time doomed Dan to silence. Up to 4 years the boy suffered because he could not express his wishes. The family guessed by his scream and cry what the child wanted. The real miracle was the first not words, but verses and songs, which suddenly Dan started talking after the next course of rehabilitation. Removing the block from the tongue, the experts found that the boy’s intelligence is preserved.

“After Dan two more children were born, and now I can say with certainty: a healthy child develops and grows on his own; with the children as Dan, you have to work every day! Even when the son did not speak, we constantly read to him books, offered developing games and, as it turned out, all this was not in vain. After Dan uttered the first words, he did not stop for a moment. The son is very sociable, easily remembers new words and dreams of becoming a correspondent in order to continue telling everyone what he has learned”, says Daniil’s mother.

Now Dan successfully studies in grade 6, but studies subjects at home and is very sad because he cannot, like his brother and sister, go to school. The boy knows how to crawl and can stand on his own, but it is only with support that steps can be taken. For the development of the muscular corset, Dan’s back needs training on a specialized equipment. A walk-chair with a cost of 99 000 rubles will help a sports lover to train daily and achieve the set goals, as his heroes do!

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Collected 41 253 of 99 000 RUR
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