Daniil Rodionov


The boy can stay and walk with support. His relatives are sure: the boy will be able to make his first confident steps soon. Daniil needs specialized exercise bike.

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After we first told you the story of Daniil Rodionov, many events happened in the boy’s life. He started his studies in the third form. It is still difficult for him to enter into dialogues, but he can easily reproduce a verse after hearing it only once, and memorize a multiplication table at one glance. His character has also changed a little: the child gets more worried because of the fact that he differs from his peers. He gets upset when he fails to talk to them, and mother’s strict remarks during home training can be met with storm of protest.

Sometimes when mother gets angry, Daniil comes closer, tells her only one phrase: “I love you,” – and thus restores peace in a small family. The family often work hard to overcome cerebral palsy; they often recite poems, tell stories and sing Russian folk songs. Daniil can spend more than one hour singing favorite songs together with his grandmother.

“They started doing this… I don’t know… probably in his infancy, – the mother smiled. – Grandmother always talked with the baby or sang old Russian and Soviet songs. Apparently, son has learned them and one day simply began singing them along”.

Cheerful songs, which they sing together, drive away even the slightest shadow of anxiety and doubt in the victory over the disease. Just as if in the rhythm of the song, cheerfully and fervently, Daniel drove his bicycle all spring, summer and autumn. His beloved “Iron Horse” gave him a lot of joy and helped develop his legs and back, improve coordination. Thanks to constant trainings, the boy learned to confidently stand and walk with support, but he cannot do without it yet.

Relatives believe that the desired goal – the first steps – is very close, they just need to continue training. “Bicycle helped us a lot, but unfortunately it has already become too small,” – the relatives told. New equipment costs 78,390 roubles. We ask you to help!

Daniil Rodionov NEEDS YOU!

Collected 80 of 78 390 RUR
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