Daniil Loginov


The boy has a wheelchair, but this equipment is too old and beyond repair. The boy needs new one for overcoming the next course of rehabilitation!

Collected 21 425 of 148 000 RUR

Daniil Loginov and his mother have learned to appreciate every new movement, every new word that the boy says. They see how these small results form a large and diverse pattern of their lives. There is a variety of colors in this painting, but the bright and joyful tones prevail.

Since you gave the boy a standing frame, there are more highlights. Daniil is slowly learning how to stay in vertical position and seems to defeat the fear of walking.

“When the son stand at the support, he slightly sits down. – The boy’s mother told us. – Recently, during a trip to the rehabilitation center, I saw in the eyes of the son the fear even of the fact that he was on an unusually high bed. But everything changes when we stand in the standing frame”.

In this equipment usually overstressed muscles relax, all movements become smooth, leisurely and easy. To fix this result and achieve new ones the child has to go to the massage courses and rehabilitation every three months. But there are some unforeseeable consequences.  The wheelchair, which the family already has, is irreparable. Even to go to the appointments the boy’s family has to rent the equipment.

“Luckily we have our own yard with a bench. There, Daniil can walk free. – The mother said. But every trip is now a problem for us. We need to be treated as without the help of doctors the boy’s muscles may lose tone”.

Daniil understands everything around sometimes better and deeper than adults do; the woman has no doubt about it. One day she saw that the son accidentally “found” a concert of classical music on TV, and was all in a complicated melody. His face was serious, and the face expression has changed, reflecting the subtle switches of the orchestra. “Son listened to music with full concentration. And we together with grandmother were watching him during the entire concert,” – the woman said.

Daniil’s relatives once again rely on those who once helped them in a difficult situation. On you. The wheelchair costs 148 000 rubles. They do not get tired to believe that they will achieve the desired goal: independent daily living and movements.

Daniil Loginov NEEDS YOU!

Collected 21 425 of 148 000 RUR
Donations collection finished. Thank you for your support!

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