Daniil Galkin


Active and inquisitive Daniil likes walking very much, but the boy can’t go to the street alone without help. He needs a wheelchair.

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“Look what beautiful new shoes we bought, mummy!” — saying this, the 11-year-old boy, barely holding a box with new outfit, crawls on his knees to the window. He stretches his hands to the dark starry sky and address someone invisible, hiding outside the window, sky, space. This is Daniil, and so he communicates with the little star every day: not with an abstract distant grain, but with his native and still dearest mother, who he saw off to the sky 6 years ago.

“Despite the fact that Daniil has ICP, he is smart beyond his years,” Daniil’s grandmother says. “He was 5.5 years old when his mother couldn’t fight cancer anymore. At that time, I was constantly living with them and watched, as my grandson was growing up not by years-by days.  Yes, he is still like a small child, he can only crawl and only learns to make the first independent steps, but in everything else, he leaves behind many of his peers-life made him to do it! “

By 11 years, Daniil learned to move on his knees very smartly. The boy easily “goes” for the necessary toy, dances to the songs of his beloved Stas Mikhailov and even listens to the anthem of the country, as everybody, standing-but not on his feet – on his knees. Active and curious Daniil masters the school curriculum easily, although he’s studying at home.

“Daniil is a very outgoing boy! We have never concealed him from society, so now he easily becomes friends with new people, finds friends, both among peers and among adults. Daniil first visited the nursery school, and now the school. However, he is studying individually, at home, ” – Daniil’s grandmother tells us.

However, if the Daniil’s intelligence does not give concern among specialists, the motion activity is still poorly developed. The boy struggles to make the first independent steps, but it is possible to walk only with support so far. It is difficult for grandma to cope with grown Daniil, and it was impossible to keep him in upright position for a long time.

The boy needs a specialized wheelchair for daily walks, which are so pleasing to him, as well as for trips to the hospital and rehabilitation centers. The grandmother, who became Daniil’s guardian after his mother’s death, is not able to pay the 190,452 roubles bill herself.

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Collected 38 376 of 190 452 RUR
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