Bogdan Molokov

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The boy needs a special seat, which repeats the anatomical shape of the body. The relatives of tha boy ask you to help.

Collected 7 000 of 102 400 RUR

It was the first days of life, and the baby stopped breathing. He spent ten days in emergency room, and specialists did not tell any forecasts to the family.

“We with my husband asked doctors a permission to christen our son right there, in the ward,” the mother shared. “They let us, and literally on the next day after the ritual we had a phone call: “We take him to the inpatient department. You may come and stay with him in the ward.”

Those words gave them hope for the best. Did the family believe in miracle? It’s hard to say. Since that moment they have believed more and more that the harder you try and more love you give, then more light, warm feelings and joyful events you have. It is a true miracle that happens to Bogdan and his family.

Before the parents heard the diagnosis “ICP”, they had begun to fight against spasticity, rehabilitate their son. The doctors told them that when the boy stopped breathing, his brain suffered. That’s why during the treatment they started to warn the risk of epilepsy: take drugs and visit neurologists.

Bogdan loves contemporary estrada, likes to visit people and have lively conversations; joyfully, he goes for a walk and trips with adults. The family try to go with the boy everywhere and give him all the care they can. Talking with the family and friends, they looking after the boy, how he reacts on jokes, listens to the conversation and gives everybody nearby sincere smiles.

“Our son understands everything, he has a perfect sense of hearing,” his mother tells us. “We just doubt about his vision, but sometimes he turns his head, when somebody silently enters the room, or becomes capricious and displeased, when we go home after walk. That gives us hope that he can see something.”

The mother with her son come to a playground with special feelings. The woman sees that Bogdan, fascinated with sounds of running and joy, instinctively “jumps out” of the carriage, like he tries to enter the game. But his disobedient body reminds: he is special.

It’s necessary to give the boy care and preserve and increase treatment results day-by-day. And first of all, the boy shall feel himself comfortable. Now, the family only has a child safety seat, which is very small now for the boy. We can give Bogdan necessary comfort.  A special seat support costs 102 400 rubles.

Bogdan Molokov NEEDS YOU!

Collected 7 000 of 102 400 RUR
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