Asya Ulybina

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Asya dreams about communication with her lovely mother and friends using common language. Specialists of a specialized rehabilitation center will be able to help the girl!

Collected 35 760 of 165 000 RUR

Three-year-old Asya always pulls mom in the direction of playgrounds during the time of walk. Sociable girl likes to play in the company of peers or older children, but she is afraid to get acquainted first and tries to help mom to call in the game for an unknown girl. Asya is embarrassed to talk first: too often peers simply do not understand the baby and therefore do not take in the game.

Surgery for cochlear implantation gave Ace the opportunity to hear, but not speak. Mother did not manage to wait till the first sounds from the girl, so she asked the specialists for help. Asya began to try imitating the voices of people and animals after the rehabilitation course in the speech center.

” Ku-ku “- Asya calls me to eat,” oh-ah “- so she says that she got dressed and ready to go for a walk. Of course, it is difficult for a stranger to understand that, but we are so glad that we can communicate, even while in our invented language, – mother shared. – Asya is a very diligent girl and always hard-working in classes with a speech therapist. But there is so much work to do. “

ТЫ НУЖЕН Асе Улыбиной! Sometimes, when Asya is not understood not only by strangers, but also by her mother, she is seized with real desperation. In tears, the little girl tries to repeat the word again and again, and then suddenly she tears off the apparatus carrying the sounds. Only once remaining in complete silence, the girl calms down. At these moments Asya is always with her very first and loyal friend, a small plush monkey with toy, but so similar to real hearing aids behind the ears. The caring little girl puts the monkey to sleep every night and takes off the apparatus, and in the morning, barely putting on her own, she is in a hurry to help a plush friend.

Asya dreams of being heard and understood by her mother, peers and even strangers. You can help the girl today. To pay for the rehabilitation course in a specialized center, Asya’s Mom needs to collect 165,000 rubles.

Asya Ulybina NEEDS YOU!

Collected 35 760 of 165 000 RUR
Donations collection finished. Thank you for your support!

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