Artem Shermatov

г. Туймазы (Республика Башкортостан)
Tuymazy (Republic of Bashkortostan)

“We just love our son and he loves us”, Artyom’s parents says. The boy needs a specialized chair for home using.

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“I have not seen such a bad MRI for a long time,” – the doctor told the parents of the little Artem Shermatov with excitement. At that time he was only 4 months old, but the family already knew: the path to even the most elementary motor and cognitive skills would be difficult.

Armed with many recommendations and a huge baggage of hope, Mom and Artem began to travel all over the country in search of “the exact” doctor, a rehabilitation center, a technique, a medicine that would help save her son from illness. Years of travel did not solve the main problems with movements, but they allowed to develop the intelligence of the boy.

“We have not believed for a long time that a miracle will happen,” the relatives confessed. “We just love our son and he loves us.” The eldest daughter adores him, and younger, twins, already strive to feed him with the porridge or start a joint game. So we live, rejoicing every day.”

Artem’s favourite pastime is walking through bookstores. 7-year-old boy has already “passed” the entire home library, and children’s tales have long been in the past. The main book interests of the boy now are aviation, vehicles and internal combustion engines. “How do we communicate with our son during such kind of shopping? It’s very simple,” – his mother smiles and remembers:”

”Will we read it?” – I ask when I take a children’s book of fairy tales from the shelf.

Pouted lips and displeased face, – so Artem answers.

– And this? About planes?

There is a smile on the boy’s face, and joy in his eyes.

Sensitive and open with friends, Artem increasingly began to become isolated with strangers. The boy increasingly feels his differentness to others, and prefers watching active peer games from the window of his house. Perhaps, parents believe, a special seat will help to remove the physical and smooth psychological discomfort.

Now only a small car seat is at the disposal of the child, in which he sits during domestic occupations. Each time, slipping out from there and not appearing on the floor only thanks to the caring hands of the relatives, he again and again receives a reminder of how much the illness hampered his body.

A specialized chair-seat costs 97,390 rubles. It is equipped with wheels, stand, mounts. It is in our power to present the child a device in which he will be able to engage in any domestic affairs without feeling uncomfortable and afraid of falling. We ask you to help!

Artem Shermatov NEEDS YOU!

Collected 10 400 of 97 390 RUR
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