Artem Perevezentsev

п. Белоярский

The boy was between life and death several months. Fragments metal structure that has been implanted in his spine is still in the body. Artem can’t move and breaths only by artificial respiration. We ask you to help!

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Even the best and most experienced doctors not only of Russia, but also of other countries are powerless to help Artem Perevezentsev. The diagnosis of the boy is ” neurofibromatosis,  type I ” This means that in the child’s body – a benign tumor. Its main focus is in the lung, and the processes spread throughout the body.

In 2017 Artem unexpectedly became ill. In unconsciousness he was taken to the intensive care unit of the regional hospital. Next – a clinical death, an infection and a few months between life and death.

What is happening to the child? Why did a sudden crisis occur? The exact answer to these questions is not one. There is only an x-ray taken not so long ago, where it is clearly visible that the structure that was in the spine is broken. And two vertebrae again strongly deviated from the main axis.

“One day, when my son was disconnected from the ventilator, he asked to kill him,” the relatives said. – At that moment he was almost unconscious. Now during the day he can breathe himself, but at night we still switch on an artificial ventilation. It seems that something prevents him, perhaps, metal fragments of the frame. What will happen to us next? Most likely, in this state, we will go home. Because now specialists are denied further treatment from all clinics, where I send requests. “

Trying to somehow facilitate the life of the patient, the doctors offered to try a special corset for the back. He tightly tightens and fixes the entire body, and, thanks to this, the boy can sit for a while.

“We do feel down and we’ll not allow Artem to feel down,” the boy’s family says. At first they had to accept and learn to live with the disease, a benign tumor. Then – get used to a wheelchair. No doubt even now they can overcome difficulties. In order to sit at home, the boy needs a special corrective corset, which costs 35,140 rubles. And the doctors recommended the boy a functional bed costing 76 436 rubles, a pulse meter costing 20,000 rubles and a medical table costing 7,100 rubles.

Artem Perevezentsev NEEDS YOU!

Collected 26 918 of 138 676 RUR
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