Arseny Panichkin


Without a specialized lift, the boy is forced to stay at home most of the time. We ask you to help with the purchase of equipment.

Collected 13 301 of 270 000 RUR

Arseniy Panichkin has challenges for all of his life; and a flimsy, weak child by nature has passed through the hardest lines not just once. His mother shared: “We christened him in the resuscitation department. Pater gave him the name “Arseniy”. In Greek it means “courageous”. That is what he is, my son”.

We had some operations, long struggle with infections and life with shunt inside his head for some months: the excess fluid accumulated inside the skull went out through the pipe. The family remembers: “At times our son felt himself so bad and we couldn’t even hold him. He just lay and cried”. The same period doctors diagnosed “ICP” and “partial optic atrophy”.

The struggle lasted for months, and the greatest wish – to live – was granted. Now the boy studies with teacher from special school at home, paints with pleasure, makes appliques, develops motor skills and arms. He adores poems and songs for children, knows by heart all “his” melodies and texts. When he is walking and hears known songs, he sings them with lips word for word. Arseniy can’t speak yet because of ICP.

The rehabilitations, development centres help to fight against the disease and hope that there will be improvements. Although to go towards this aim becomes harder. The child can’t stand on his feet even with the help, and any mobility is hard for the family.

“We live on the fourth floor and there is no elevator. My son becomes older and heavier, and I and his granny have spinal problems,” – the mother shared. “We don’t have other relatives who can help us. My son will be able to half stand only after the hip joint operation. To prepare for it we need to attend special trainings and do exercises with trainers. It’s an endless circle, and we can’t release from it without outside help.”

The special crawler can solve the problem, but it is cost for 270000 rubles. The small family can’t find such amount of money. We ask you for help.

Arseniy Panichkin NEEDS YOU!

Collected 13 301 of 270 000 RUR
Donations collection finished. Thank you for your support!

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