Arseniy Karpushov

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Most of all Arseniy Karpushov’s family is afraid to miss precious time. Now, when the boy’s health has begun to improve, it is necessary to train hard. We ask you to help in buying specialized equipment!

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The boy’s family have found a sure medicine called “Kukutiki” for the tears that flood from his eyes during painful treatments. This song together with many other joyful cartoon songs accompany the child both at home and during the treatment. As if in time with the rapid funny melodies, he approaches quickly and surely the victory over ICP.

“My son learnt to Commando crawl, to sit with support,” the mother said. “He started to pronounce his first syllables from the age of 15 months and now he is gradually acquiring new words. Specialized exercises helped his hands to work better and the whole body has become stronger.”

Arseniy’s family have elaborated a special “Olympic” schedule not to lose but to improve these precious achievements: massage, gymnastics, therapeutic exercises in the morning and in the evening, speech and special education specialists’ trainings, therapeutic horse riding during the day.

His 7-year-old elder brother also takes an active part in the treatment. He has his own game therapy program. There are toy cars and toy guns instead of special training equipment that he readily hands to the kid and teaches him how to use them. One of the most favorite educational programs in this siblings’ partnership is playing Indians.

The biggest fear of the parents is to lose precious time. According to the specialists, it’s now the most propitious period for Arseniy to have his main health problems resolved and to make a breakthrough in the treatment.

Unfortunately, trainings alone are not enough.

“Firstly, it’s necessary for my son to be fixed correctly all the time to prevent him from getting scoliosis,” the family confided. “Secondly, it’s necessary to strengthen his legs and back by exercising on a horseback riding simulator. According to all the recommendations, these are the most useful exercises for us at the moment.”

There is only an ordinary stroller at the family’s disposal, that doesn’t allow to meet the requirements. They said they had had a child wheelchair but when its wheels and screws started to massively fly off at each walk, they eliminated it from their “transportation department”.

Just like their son who often smiles, his parents keep their chin up and hurl all their effort into daily exercises. We trust you will be able to help the child to take a decisive step to fight ICP. The child wheelchair and horseback riding simulator cost 110 400 rubles.

Arseniy Karpushov NEEDS YOU!

Collected 3 300 of 110 400 RUR
Donations collection finished. Thank you for your support!

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