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Little Anya can’t imagine that she spoils or tears a book. The girl picks up and kisses lovingly her favorite books with bright covers. Anya’s family hopes that her intelligence will help to defeat cerebral palsy. They ask you to help!

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Anya Semenova struggles with cerebral palsy since her childhood. Her sisters try to do everything in their power so that the child can tolerate the disease more easily. For example, they constantly take up reading: so, reading fascinating stories, it is easier to deal with physical handicaps.

“Up to the age of four my daughter could not do anything,” Mom said. – Just recently she learned how to turn, crawl, and then sat down. Of course, not confidently, but without any help. Constantly engaged in the development of coordination, motor skills, we try to ensure that the daughter does not feel so acutely behind her peers, and we perfect the intellect. “

Did the adults succeed in this little trick? To answer the question, it is enough just to look at the girl when she takes a favorite book in her hands and kisses it. The hard-bitten mistress knows her library by heart and now often asks her mother to read the books she listened to when she was one year old.

Taking maximum efforts to the development of the intelligence, the family remembers and about another, very important “competition” for speed and agility. That’s right, in the case of Anya, you can name the process of fighting cerebral palsy. The course of the disease is such that training is required all the time. What is the danger of delay? For example, two weeks of a cold – and one hand stopped to obey. Home training in the verticalizer would help to overtake the insidious disease

“Daily training in this technique will strengthen skills and begin to better navigate in space,” Mom said. – The daughter simply does not know how to position her body; does not know that it is possible and so, and in another way. For example, we with joy and excitement observe how Anya, having recently started to sit on her own, is studying this new situation. “

According to the story of relatives, the girl settles more conveniently, straightens and starts to slowly swing in different directions, attentively listening to her body and its reactions. How many new movements would a child open if there was a verticalizer in the family? Anya’s family is worried about this matter and relies on you. The equipment costs 197,467 rubles.

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Collected 151 109 of 197 467 RUR
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