Andrei Kolesnik

ст. Петровская, Краснодарский край
Petrovskaya (Krasnodar region)

«A wheelchair is so important for us», the boy’s relatives said us. They ask you to help buy necessary equipment.

Collected 46 074 of 198 000 RUR

“The child has a serious disease” – many doctors say such words, they don’t give any prognosis to the family of Andrey Kolesnik. The boy has many congenital disorders and has to spend almost all the time in his wheelchair.

Love and care to the boy make up the lack of his opportunities – motor, cognitive and speech. His family have already forgotten what a special boy he is; and Andrey meets every day with joy and smile, too.

“We know that our son has a serious disease, but we do love him and he loves us,” the boy’s Mom shared. “In our life, we have walks, guests, classes with songs and poems. And, of course, constant treatment.”

The family admit: the boy talks to everyone in a special way. The Mom is his main instructor, psychologist and family doctor. Grandpa and Grandma are the best friends. When his Dad comes home after a workday, Andrey is truly excited. He doesn’t let him go, hinting: what about playing?!

He often trains on the hand-made standing frame with his father. The man made the equipment with the help of drawings on the internet. The family overcome almost all the difficulties by themselves. Unfortunately, skills and magical hands are not enough to satisfy the most pressing need – specialized equipment.

The boy can’t spend much time in his wheelchair: without special locks he gets tired very fast. The wheelchair is very tired of its hard and important work: the wheels and footplate often remove. The family are lucky if they can find someone skilful with a toolkit nearby, while walking or go to the treatment. But what will happen if they can’t find such a man?!

“We are lucky for now,” the Mom smiles. “Fortunately there were people, nearby, who helped to attach the wheel or footplate. But, of course, it can’t last forever.”

You can gift Andrey comfortable and safe equipment. It costs 198 000 rubles.

Andrey Kolesnik NEEDS YOU!

Collected 46 074 of 198 000 RUR
Donations collection finished. Thank you for your support!

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