Andrey Bagishvili

пгт. Нарышкино

Andrey was a good-natured boy who was ready to help anyone from the first months of his life. His parents didn’t expect that their little “hero” couldn’t hear thanks for his good deeds. The boy needs your help to fight the deafness!

Collected 9 541 of 165 000 RUR

The mother of Andrey Bagishvili confessed: “I don’t know where it came from, but my son from his early age behaves like a true knight.” At the playground he protects the babies from unjust attacks, at nursery school he is the only one who collects scattered toys with a nursery teacher. During the travel to the rehabilitation center, he helped one of the mothers who pulled a disabled child in the wheelchair, drive through the curbs and bumps.

He has learned all of this by himself, without demands and instructions. He has to learn almost by himself how to fight deafness. Thanks to the cochlear implant surgery, he can understand the sounds of the world, but it is difficult to learn and speak without the help of specialists.

“We have applied to many audiologists and speech therapists in our hometown, but the desired result were achieved only with the help of those who worked at the specialized child rehabilitation after the cochlear implant surgery center,” – the boy’s mother told us. – “Now we are training practically by ourselves, according to the program they have developed there”.

Andrey’s relatives are sure: all the recent results that he could achieve after the rehabilitation were the outcome of home studying. They were achieved thanks to the child’s quickwittedness and efforts. He is happy to say syllables and words and is slowly creating his “encyclopedia” of new sounds. When Andrey hears something unusual, interesting, he goes to explore it immediately. What’s that over there?

More than anything else in the world, parents wish to give their “little knight” a “ticket” to a healthy, happy life.

“He is the central figure of all the good and pure for us. And we understand that a new rehabilitation at the center is the only way to defeat the deafness”.

Treatment costs 165,000 rubles. We join the family and ask you to make a big gift to the small hero: a world full of sounds.

Andrey Bagishvili needs you!

Collected 9 541 of 165 000 RUR
Donations collection finished. Thank you for your support!

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