Alisa Baranova


For four years miracles have been happening in the life of Alisa. The first aim is survival and the second is learn how to live and struggle. The girl and her family know how to overcome difficulties. We ask you to help!

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What happened and continues to happen in their family, the parents of Alisa Baranova considered a miracle. Immediately after the birth, Alisa needed an urgent heart operation. After the defect of the organ was eliminated, the shape changed, and it was impossible to place it back.

Within 10 days, the baby had a thorax open. Because of that, there was a blood infection, convulsions, thromboses formed in the femoral artery. The baby was in intensive care.

“Those were terrible months,” recalls Mom. – We approached the doctors, asked if we needed diapers, medicines. In response, experts lowered their eyes and quietly refused. “

A huge desire to help their daughter pushed her parents to seek salvation. Where can it be found in this seemingly desperate situation? There, where people come to hope, pray and ask for a miracle.

Because of the crisis, cerebral palsy was developing, and for each new movement the girl has to work daily. Pessimistic predictions of doctors in this family are used to be in doubt. After the little girl came to herself, they predicted that she would be lying down. When she learned to crawl, they told her that, at best, she could move around on a wheelchair. For the third time, the girl came into the doctor’s office holding her mother’s hand. And again sober words: she will only go with a wand. Now the child walks on her own, only slightly fluttering her foot.

Trying to give Alice the ocean of love and affection, parents are constantly looking for new ways to fight the disease. Rehabilitation specialists explained to adults: now the restoration of all functions can go in parallel. New movements will improve speech; the development of fine movements will pull up “large movements”. A rehabilitation treadmill would help that. The equipment costs 139,880 rubles.

Alisa Baranova NEEDS YOU!

Collected 19 045 of 139 880 RUR
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