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Every trip of the girl is “uncontrolled’, because she has old wheelchair, which has a lot of problems. The girl’s relatives need your help for buying new equipment!

Collected 121 735 of 198 000 RUR

When in Novorossiysk city the north-eastward – a strong cold wind – is blowing, Alyona Ryabchuk’s mother takes no chances to leave the house. Alyona is a disabled child and can’t travel long distances without a wheelchair. The equipment, which the family has, brakes have gone out, and every trip, especially in bad weather turns into a small, risky and not funny adventure.

“We can’t do without a wheelchair. The one we use now has served us for many years — the girl’s mother said. — We have tried to fix it on our own, but it is beyond repair”.

By the way, the family is able to cope with many problems on their own. Alyona’s father, a civil engineer, with the help of friends made training bars for his daughter. The girl develops coordination in them. She constantly uses your gift, an exercycle. Equipment is installed at home and used for the legs and hands muscles development. During trainings that are not always easy her father comes to the rescue again. He is watching attentively as the daughter is gathering speed and riding along the imaginary roads; he encourages her, when she doesn’t have the strength to push the treadles a little harder.

The muscles strengthen with each lesson. Uptight in the movements now Alyona has begun to sit upright without support, to walk, holding the hands of adults by both hands, to squat and to perform push-ups.

“This is a real success! — the girl’s mother couldn’t help showing emotions. We train hard and for a long time, and finally got results. We began to titrate down antiepileptic drugs, and my daughter began to develop speech. Now she can pronounce only sounds, but they are so long-awaited!»

Sounds or rather a special song where one should sing vowels, Alyona has learned in the classroom with the speech therapist. A small busy student listened carefully to the explanations of the specialists, saw into the contents of an audio recording with the melody and… was silent. Only in the changing room she revealed her little secret that she has already learnt all the vowels . There, before leaving, Alyona suddenly quietly sang the same song for her favorite listener and friend — her mother.

Holding the hands of her beloved adults tightly, Alyona goes to new results in recovery. She seems to understand better the need for painful and unpleasant exercises. The girl’s relatives are sure: she will not stop and will continue to develop. And they hope that you will help purchase a new wheelchair that costs 198 000 rubles. Equipment will make the difficult path the child has to walk comfortable and safe.

Alyona Ryabchuk NEEDS YOU!

Collected 121 735 of 198 000 RUR
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