Alexey Novikov


Relatives of Alexey firmly decided to fight for his health and they achieve new successes every year. We ask you to help!

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As soon as Alexey Novikov was born, his parents had a difficult conversation with doctors. According to preliminary forecasts, the newborn was to remain severely disabled. Experts assumed that the part of the brain responsible for walking and speaking does not function, and because of this, the baby’s health will not be restored.

The boy’s parents did not need time to think: they firmly decided that they would fight to put their son on his feet. From the very first years of Alexey’s life, his parents invest all the resources in his treatment and they see results after every new course or procedure. The relatives gladly shared: he sits on his own, rolls over on his own, stands up on his own, chooses toys on his own, he has made a few steps without support on his own. Every day they fight with new forces to multiple these “on his own” in the boy’s life.

Today the boy’s relative have almost forgotten that doctors once feared the atrophy of one of his brain areas. Alexey’s speech is still developed very poorly, but he can explain everything with gestures, a few words, and sounds, so that even a stranger will understand him.

According to the family, they understood his “language” not at once. Probably, they just did not believe that their son, pointing to the window, and then, moving like putting on a hat, asks them to take him out for a walk. When parents could finally read words, phrases and whole complex sentences in these movements, their hesitations that the boy’s intellect was preserved disappeared.

“But why our son does not speak? We asked experts this question, – the child’s mother told. – Now we are very close to determine our problems. One of the rehabilitation centers assumed that we have hearing loss because of which many sounds reach with a strong delay, and vocal cord paresis. Alyosha simply cannot “turn on” his voice.”

To continue examinations and treatment and finally find out the reasons of hearing and speaking disorders, the child needs a new wheelchair. He can take only a few independent steps. Distances to the desired goal are still too large for him. The equipment costs 73,000 roubles.

Alexey Novikov NEEDS YOU!

Collected 3 494 of 73 000 RUR
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