Alexey Avvakumov


Five-year-old boy has not pronounce his first words yet and he only learns how to control his body. Lesha needs a course of rehabilitation in neurological center.

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Lesha Avvakumov has overcome many fears during 5 years of his life. Like all the boys, he’s always happy to run to the playground, but just a while ago he couldn’t take a step without his family’s help. The boy was unable to climb on a slide or a swing: A strong fear literally paralyzed a confused baby.

“I made my son’s first diagnosis myself”. – Alexey’s mom remembers. – “When he was a year-old it became noticeable that Lesha was not developing according to his age: he did not try to pronounce sounds, didn’t respond to his name, and showed no interest in toys. Further – more! When the child was three years old, I’ve already come to a neurologist with a clear understanding: My son has an autistic syndrome. After the examination the specialists added a few more to the diagnosis: psychoverbal development retardation and sensomotor alalia”.

The baby with clever eyes – that’s how Lesha is called not only by the family and the friends, but also by the doctors. He seemed to understand everything, and was about to talk. But the miracle never happened. Lesha hasn’t said a word yet. Each mother-son conversation still looks like the guessing game: mother shows the boy objects or points at products, and he let her see with facial expressions and gestures what he chooses and needs. Reading has become the real salvation in the severe silence.

“Thanks to the complex work of the specialists, Lesha has learned to read the words. Like doctors, I couldn’t believe for a long time; but then I have noticed: his eyes follow everything, and sometimes he puts his finger on the line that I read aloud. Now he can’t pry himself away from books. Reading has become the key to communication. The speech pathologist can “talk” to him using the cards: there are words on them and Lesha makes his first sentences!” – Alexey’s mother says.

Classes at a specialized center gave a “big push” in Lesha’s development. Due to the neural development failure, the boy did not understand speech and had difficulties with movement coordination. As a result – frequent hysterics, behavioural problems and a total lack of willingness to accept and understand others. Lesha feared and avoided not only adults, but also children. However after the therapy the boy was able not only to ride on the merry-go-round with other kids, but he also was happy to go to a nursery school.

To continue the work of behavior change and awakening the speech, the boy needs to undergo a rehabilitation course in the neurologopedic center in Yekaterinburg city. The set of procedures costs 100,000 rubles. The family is asking for your help!

Aleksey Avvakumov needs you!

Collected 43 822 of 100 000 RUR
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