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Sasha dreams about going to school holding hands with his two sisters. However, the boy needs to learn how to walk. A specialized equipment will help to realize this dream.

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From childhood, Sasha was taught perseverance, patience and courage by life itself. Unable to move due to strong spasticity of the muscles, the boy helped his mother to bring up his two little sisters. But what could he, an elder brother who is 11 but is fed with a spoon, moved on a wheelchair and taught to speak – give healthy girls? The answer is simple: love, tenderness and a sense of confidence, confidence that this family will not abandon you ever and will support against all odds!

“Sasha has a severe form of cerebral palsy, he does not control his body and sometimes he gets severe muscles spasms that cause sporadic movements, –Alexandr’s mother says. But, despite this, I’ve never been afraid to leave his sisters with him. Middle daughter Alesya was born just a year after Sasha, and the youngest Vlada – 3 years ago. Remember, the son always stood still, as if he even stopped breathing when I was putting to bed his little sister, the little squeaky ball near him. He very gently caressed them, watched with interest and laughed when they did something naughty and was upset if I was angry with them»

Sisters became the best motivator for Sasha’s motor skills development. The boy, who doctors predicted “lying” life for, could not resist the desire to play with naughty girls. To 11years Sasha has learned to sit with support and hold his head, to stand in the walkers and move around the apartment with mom’s help. Together with her sister Alesya the boy was preparing for school. Now Sasha is successfully mastered the educational program at home.

“Sasha understands everything, but he still can’t express his thoughts in words. He always reacts emotionally to the speech addressed to him. We invite him to the theater – he smiles and is happy, but if someone accidentally let it slip that we are not going to walk, but go to the hairdresser – and it becomes unbearable: he will persuade with all available means to forget about it” – Alexandr’s mother says.

The main dream of Nikishin’s family – to teach the boy to walk independently. A specialized standing frame may help to develop the motor skills. Home multi-functional exerciser, that costs 300 996 rubles will allow Sasha to train every day. Now the mother is bringing up three children alone, and there is no money left to visit rehabilitation centers and the purchase of standing frame.

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Collected 173 320 of 300 996 RUR
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