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Sasha has autism, but he can study in a secondary school with his peers. The boy needs course of rehabilitation in a specialized center, which will help to prepare for studying in a first grade.

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Six-year-old Sasha feels quietly and confidently not in the company of peers, but with his three-year-old sister Taisia. Despite the difference in age, it seems that children finish not even each other’s sentences, but each other’s thoughts. Sasha and Taya play and have fun together, quarrel and laugh — like ordinary children, with only one difference: Sasha can stay “ordinary” only with his relatives.

It is difficult even to imagine that the boy has to overcome himself everyday to go to kindergarten, for a walk or just to the store. It is difficult for Sasha to learn the norms of behavior, and that is why his mother often has to listen to moralizing and remarks of people who constantly scold a naughty boy, as they think.

“Despite the problems, Sasha will be able to attend a regular school together with a tutor,” the boy’s mother says. – But of course, there is still something to work on. In addition to problems with behavior, concentration and hyperactivity, it is difficult for the son to write and memorize. Of course, there are many fears about socialization: how Sasha will make it up with classmates? Will they laugh at him, humiliate him? Now we have many fears about the son’s future, but we have a year ahead, and we do not sit idly by.”

In order to become a first-year student of general education school, Sasha should continue to attend remedial classes in a specialized center. Special education teachers teach the boy to control behavior, communicate and write. Sasha’s family should pay for the next course of therapy 141,750 roubles. The large family cannot pay the bill without help.

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Collected 7 885 of 141 750 RUR
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