Aylina Alieva


Doctors recommended the girl the hippotherapy. Exercises will help to strengthen her back and get closer to the main aim, which is the first independent steps.

Collected 1 000 of 62 900 RUR

Information has become the most valuable gift, the desired acquisition, and the main treasure for Aylina Aliyeva’s parents a long time ago. They diligently collect information about treatment methods, equipment, and new rehabilitation centers where their child can get assistance in further struggle with cerebral palsy. Aylina can keep her head; sit on her own, she controls her hands. The family believes that these results will be followed by new ones.

The disease did not prevent the cheerful and open girl from communicating with peers. Once Aylina gets into the children’s company, she instantly blends into the team: she laughs cheerfully, plays and participates in celebration. Another hobby of the girl is singing. Not having yet an opportunity to pronounce text, she diligently reproduces a melody after her beloved father.

“My husband is a massage therapist. Music is kind of hobby for him, – the girl’s mother said. – When he comes home from work, he often sings songs from cartoons or old Soviet ones.”

“Isolation and detachment is not about our daughter,” – the parents smile. Once an adult comes over to our house, Ailina tries to get closer to the visitor. She attentively listens to phrases and shifts her clever gaze from one speaker to another. However, neither she nor her parents have enough time for entertainment and friendly visits. Classes with speech therapist and psychologist, frequent trips to rehabilitation, exercises on simulators – all these things take most of their time.

“We always work hard because I do not believe in miracles,” – the girl’s mother confessed. – Over the years of treatment, I have already seen many children with similar problems. Those who sat idly by and waited for unexpected improvements were simply wasting their time.”

Having realized that there are no miracles in treatment, and working with increasing persistence, the girl’s relatives discovered other magic – kindness of concerned people. Income of the family from a small town does not allow to pay for necessary trips and equipment, but there are those who help Aylina go ahead.

Today the girl again needs sympathy of benefactors. Doctors recommended her exercising on a horseback riding simulator, but the equipment is too expensive – it costs 62,900 roubles. We rely on you very much!

Aylina Aliyeva NEEDS YOU!

Collected 1 000 of 62 900 RUR
Donations collection finished. Thank you for your support!

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