Yaroslav Stepanov


Yaroslav has rare genetic disease and it does not give him opportunity to develop like all his peers. The boy needs course of rehabilitation in a specialized center.

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For one-year-old Yaroslav the cat Liska is not just a friend, she’s the main defender. As soon as there is somebody on the doorstep who makes the baby cry, the affectionate pet completely changes: She doesn’t just hiss at abuser, and it seems like she’s ready to attack and devour him. That is why, while Yarik got a not very pleasant therapeutic massage, Liska is taken to the neighbors. This relationship between the animal and the human baby is not accident: the boy and the cat not only play together but also speak the same language. Because of the rare genetic disease, little Yarik’s cry sounds like a kitten meowing.

“I called my son “my kitten” as soon as he saw the light”, Yaroslav’s mother remembers. – “The childbirth was difficult, and the baby was immediately sent to the neonatal pathology unit. Yarik was diagnosed with a multitude of abnormalities: heart defect, hip subluxation, joint dysplasia, rickets and more. Every new diagnosis seemed to kill me. And so when we were ready for the discharge, a new stroke: “The son’s genetic disorder is cat’s cry syndrome”.

The rare genetic disorder was unknown not only to Yaroslav’s mother: the specialists at the maternity hospital of the small town read the articles on the Internet together with her. As it turned out, it was the chromosome failure that caused many of the co-existing diseases, and it was the only one that couldn’t be cured by any medicine. Without any advice and hope for help, Yarik and his mother returned home —to live last years as it seemed to the specialists.

The first few months at home, I just cried, looked at my son, and couldn’t help crying. Only my strict husband could calm me down, he noticed: “Our son needs a self-collected mother!” And indeed, Yarik was no different than the usual babies… Except that every new skill is given to him with great difficulty. “But my “kitten” is a big boy and an overachiever!”

Now Yaroslav is 1 year and 2 months old, and even though he hasn’t learned to sit and crawl yet, his mother barely can keep up with him. The baby reaches any goal rolling from his back to his tummy: in such a way he turns somersaults to a toy or a cat. “Our bustler” – that is how specialists at the rehabilitation center call Yaroslav: the boy can barely sit still during the procedures, he is too interested in everything new and unusual around him.

And just recently, the little boy got on his hands and knees for the first time and gave his parents a greater hope — the hope that their son would be able to go to kindergarten and then to school and institute. However, in order for the dream to become more real, Yaroslav needs to work hard. The boy can be helped by qualified professionals: the rehabilitation center for children with rare genetic disease is in St. Petersburg. However, the treatment in the institution costs 114,000 rubles. A family from a small town of the Vologda Region is unable to pay the bill.

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Collected 91 690 of 114 000 RUR
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