Fundraising for purchasing of modern equipment for effective diagnostics and treatment of cancer for Children’s Oncology and Hematology Centre of Regional Children’s Hospital №1 has been started.

We can help to thousands of ill children to get treatment in their homeland close to relatives, as the saying goes, even walls can cure when one is at home.

Charity project “He needs you”

Dear friends!

I invite you to take part in a new co-project of charity fund “Children of Russia”, Ural Mining and Metallurgical company, television companies “Channel 10”, “ATN”, “Obltv”, “SOYUZ” and GTRK Ural TV, business structures of the city and the region called “He needs you”. Basic idea of this project is creation of a simple and working system to help children in which could participate every citizen of our country regardless of their income, employment, status and public position.

We would like to return lost credibility to the charity system of Russia and to let everyone use his/her chance to help his/her neighbor. And I am sure we will do it.

This project is not a setting up of responsibility for solving children’s problems from organized charity funds on the shoulders of our citizens. Charity fund “Children of Russia” always helped and will keep helping children because it can do that. But neither our fund nor any other can save the whole world and help every indigent. Only by common efforts of the whole society we can radically change situation with children’s problems. Many trifling drops are enough to fill the sea, ordinary bricks make giant walls and cities, and little help of everyone who considers himself/herself a worthy citizen of his/her country will be enough to return many families hope. And it is not about large amount.

Only 50 roubles, given for the purposes of the project by every employed citizen, can gather more than 80 million roubles and that is enough for more than dozen of expensive and difficult operations for children with oncological diseases which will save valuable children’s lives.

And if these donations become regular, then our society will have the possibility to solve many if not all problems of children.

I am grateful to you for your attention to our activity and social mission. I hope that you share our general aims and are ready to participate in giving effective charitable help to children.

Yours faithfully

The President of the Charity Fund “Children of Russia”,

General director of UMMC-Holding Corporation A.A. Kozitsyn


  • We thank all people, who decided to help!
    25 October 2016

    We raised the necessary funds for Elizaveta Kut and Ruslan Astashkin. The necessary wheel chairs have been bought and will be delivered soon.

  • We helped Artem Drugov!
    13 October 2016

    Thanks to you, the boy will take the next step in his fight against autism.

  • Alena will not want to be lazy!
    12 October 2016

    Thanks to you, Alena has so necessary equipment, which will help to fight the disease. It is the special exercise bike. We thank you so much!

  • The first lesson
    11 October 2016

    Thanks to you, we bought the special wheel chair for Ivan Ivanov. Now he will be able to go to school. His parents believe that it will help to fight disease!

  • The necessary equipment will be delivered soon!
    07 October 2016

    We finished the fundraising for Egor Loskutov and Artem Koval! We thank all not indifferent people!

  • New possibilities for Ivan and Anastasia
    06 October 2016

    We thank all not indifferent people who decided to help children. Thanks to you, they have taken next step towards winning the fight against diseases.

  • Victory over deafness became even closer!
    04 October 2016

    Thanks to you, Milolika Tolochko and Savely Shamurzaev will have treatment in the specialized rehabilitation center for cochlear implanted children. 

  • We helped Aleksei Payvin!
    28 September 2016

    We thank all people who were touched by the boy’s story. Today we have received good news. The necessary fund has been raised and the boy will be treated with medication “Pegintron”.

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